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$159.00 Septic Tank Pumping Rates & Services | Pumpcoseptic.com | Septic tank Pumping & Cleaning | Alpharetta | Roswell | Kennesaw | Canton

Rates & Services

Septic Pumping Services

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Additional Septic Services

Septic Sewage & Grinder Pump Installation

A septic or sewage grinder pump is a device that is designed to remove sewage from a building where plumbing fixtures and their drains are lower than the building sewer line and/or septic tank. Septic pumps have to transport solid particles, either by being able to pass large solid objects through the pump without clogging, or by grinding the solids into fine debris to make it simpler.

Sewage grinder/ejector pumps are available in a variety of horsepower models The pumps normally range from .5 to 1hp for residential usage, and are sold to operate at various voltages including 110-120V, 220-240V, 440-480V, and even 600V models with either single phase (most common) and three-phase motors.

High Pressure (Hydro – Jet) Pipe Cleaning

Sewer and stack pipe blockages can be removed using this efficient cleaning technique. This is the only process that can completely clean blocked lines in a septic system and is an industry standard that is highly recommended for septic and drain cleaning. The procedure involves shooting water down the pipe or drain at immense speed so that the force is enough to remove any obstacle that is causing blockage in the septic system. The pressure at which the water is maneuvered is sufficient to reopen clogged drains and pipes without causing damage to the inner layer of the drains and pipes in the septic system.

Inlet and Outlet Tee Installation & Repair

The role of the inlet side in the septic tank baffle is to permit waste to enter the tank in such a way that clogging of the tank’s inlet sewer line is prevented. The septic tank inlet baffle accomplishes this job by blocking the floating scum layer, a thick layer of debris that forms naturally at the top of a working septic tank and mainly comprises of grease, light particles and other waste that are capable of floating on water.

On the outlet’s side, floating scum is blocked so that waste does not flow out of the tank as both the effluent pipe and the drain field would be clogged rapidly. It is located on the septic tank's outlet end which is where the tank connects to the pipe that is supposed to convey clarified septic effluent to the absorption system or drain field.

Drain field Installation

A septic tank drain field installation is basically a series of perforated pipes that are buried in trenches and then back filled with gravel. The typical drain field has one or more trenches, depending on the actual size of the septic tank system. Drain fields trenches are constructed with a depth of about 4 to 6 feet and a width that is about 2 feet. Each trench is then filled with gravel so that ¾ of the storage capacity is composed of gravel and then the entire structure is covered with soil.

The volume of soil that is used to cover the drain field in a septic system varies depending on the absorbency of the lawn or soil. The popularity of drain field leaching chambers makes the, the product of choice for leach field applications, making them more preferable than the conventional pipe and gravel systems. The sophistication of the construction makes them less intrusive where installation is concerned and there is also a significant increase in drainage performance and shock load capability.


  • Are your baths, showers or sinks draining slowly?
  • Have you noticed unpleasant odors recently appearing in or around your home?
  • Forgotten how long it’s been since your cesspool or septic system was inspected or pumped?
  • Buying or selling a home and need a septic certification to successfully close escrow?